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Salem Area Boating Directory

Resource Contact Person Phone VHF Channel
Amtrack Railroad Bridge (Beverly/Salem) Bridgetender 978-921-4533 CH 13
Kernwood Bridge Bridgetender 978-922-7042 CH 13
Bass Haven Yacht Club Clubhouse 978-922-9712    
Boston Yacht Club of Marblehead  1 Front St. Marblehead 781-6313100   Private
Corinthian Yacht Club  1 Nahant St. Marblehead 781-631-0005   Private
Danversport Yacht Club 161 Elliott St. Danvers 978-774-8620   Pub/Priv.
Dolphin Yacht club 17 Allerton Place Marblehead 781-631-8000   Private
Eastern Yacht Club Foster St. Marblehead 781-631-1400   Private
Jubilee Yacht Club 127 Water Street Beverly 978-922-7183 CH 71 Private
Manchester Yacht Club 15 Truck's Point   Manchester 978-526-4595   Private
Palmer Cove Yacht Club Clubhouse 978-744-9722 CH 71  
Pleon Yacht Culb 42 Foster St. Marblehead 781-631-1076   Public
Salem Willows Yacht Club 190 Fort Ave. Salem 978-744-9684 CH 68 Private
Swampscott Yacht Club  425 Humphrey St. Swampscott 781-598-9273 Private Club
Barnegat Moorings Frank Thompson 978-745-6070  
Crane River Marina McDewell Ave, Danvers 978-762-0210  
Eastern Points Pilots Office 800-835-8927  
H & H Marine Dana Hatch 978-745-3952  
Hawthorne Cove Marina Russ Vickers 978-740-9890 CH 09
Marine Services   978-284-1414  
Manchester Marine 17 Ashland Ave, Manchester 978-526-7911  
Marblehead Trading Co. 89 Front St, Marblehead 781-639-0029  
Mid Harbor Marine Will Williams 978-741-8141 CH 69
Pickering Wharf Marina Mike Mentuck 978-744-2727 CH 09
Pope's Landing Liberty St, Danvers 978-762-0210  
Quality Marine Services Sam Zocco 978-744-0986  
Riverview Marina 58 River St., Danvers 978-762-4848  
Tuck Point Marina 109 Water St, Beverly 978-922-4631  
West Shore Marine Peter Noyes 617-639-1290 CH 71
Yankee Engine & Marine 106 Liberty St, Danvers 978-774-5887  
Dions Yacht Yard   978-744-0844  
Winter Island Boat Yard Peter Hayward 978-745-3797  
Palmer Cove Yacht Club Clubhouse 978-744-9722 CH 71
Beverly Harbormaster Dan McPherson 978-921-6059  
Danvers Harbormaster Office 978-762-0210  
Manchester Harbormaster Peter Mains 978-526-7832  
Marblehead Harbormaster Warner Hazell 617-631-2386  
Salem Harbormaster Bill Wholley 978-741-0098  
Swampscott Harbormaster Office 617-596-8872  
Bakers Island Caretaker 978-783-8494 CH 69
Cranes Beach Cranes Memorial Reservation 978-356-4351  
Misery Island Reserve
also see Sun Line Cruises
Trustees of Reservations 978-356-4351  
National Park Service Superintendent, Salem 978-744-4323  
Winter Island Abandoned Coast Guard Station 978-745-9430  
Coast Guard Boston MSO 617-223-3000  
Coast Guard Gloucester 978-283-0704 CH 16, 81
Mass. Div. of Rec. Vehicles Information 978-727-3900  
New Hampshire Marine Registry Paula Morse 603-271-2333  
U. S. Customs Boston 617-223-2105  
Beverly Harbor Authority Office 978-921-6011  
Sea Tow Salem Boat Cellular 617-842-9739 CH 16
Sea Tow Boston 24 Hour Emerg. 617-567-8053 CH 16
US Coast Guard Gloucester 978-283-0704 CH 16
Atlantic Charters Capt. Allan Waldman 781-639-0055  
China Sea Charters Capt. Dana Clay 603-475-1688 CH 16
Lynn Jachney Charters Town House Sq., Marblehead 781-639-0787  
Carol Kent Yacht Charters 6 Harbor View Terrace, Salem 978-745-8035  
Northeast Yacht Charters Jim Ouellette    
Tsalta Sail Charters 6 Poplar St, Ipswich 978-356-4122  
Sea Tow Salem Boat Cellular 617-842-9739 CH 16
Sea Tow Boston 24 Hour Emerg. 617-567-8053 CH 16
Atlantic Charters - Sailboat Rentals Capt. Allan Waldman 781-639-0055  
Salem Willows Boat Livery Dan Sweeney 978-745-6996 CH 16, 09
Riverview Marina Danvers    
Ipswich Bay Ocean Kayaking Box 268, Ipswich 978-356-2464  
Kayak Learning Center Lynch Park, Beverly 978-922-5322  
Foote Brothers Willowdale Dam, Topsfield Road, Ipswich 978-356-9771  
Atlantic Charters - Harbor Tours from the Salem Willows Park on Tuesdays and Thursdays Capt. Allan Waldman 781-639-0055  
East India Cruise Company David Malloy 978-741-0434 CH 09
Rockmore Company Pickering Wharf, Salem 781-639-0600  
Sun Line Cruises Suzanne McEvoy 978-741-1900  
Atlantic Charters Capt. Allan Waldman 781-639-0055  
Coastal Sailing School Commercial St, Marblehead 781-639-0553  
Marblehead Park & Rec. Dept. 10 Humphrey St, Mhead 781-631-3350  
Pleon Yacht Club Foster St, Mhead 781-631-1076  
Salem Rec. Dept.   978-744-0733  
Atlantic Divers 307 Broadway, Lynnfield 781-596-8281  
Undersea Divers 42 Water St., Beverly 978-927-9551  
Leisure Casino Cruises Gloucester 1-800-453-1179  
Midnight Gambler Lynn 781-595-4888  

Salem Area Fishing Directory

Bait & Tackle Address Phone
Al's Bait & Tackle 24 Cabot Street, Beverly 978-927-3312
A N A Bait & Tackle 467 Maple Street, Danvers 978-774-2443
Boat Shop 1 Central Street, Marblehead 781-631-5348
Bridge Street Sports 33 Bridge Street, Salem 978-744-2248
Conrad's Bait and Tackle Hubon St. (off Bridge St.), Salem 978-922-9712
D & B Bait 54 Commercial Street, Gloucester 978-281-1866
First Light Anglers 17 Ashland Avenue, Manchester 978-526-4477
Fisherman's Outfitter 3 Parker Street, Gloucester 978-281-0858
GMF Corp 54 Commercial Street, Gloucester 978-283-0479
Lake 'N Surf Sport Shop 18 Bridge Street, Salem 978-744-2462
Pete's Bait and Tackle 121 North St, Salem 978-744-9000
Pete's Fish Hotline call for recorded info 978-744-2262
Rivers Edge Trading Co. 50 Dodge St., Beverly 978-921-8008

Area Fishing Clubs

Fishing Club
Marblehead Surfcasters
Monthly meetings second Tuesday of the month at 7:30PM, Parks and Recreation Hall on the corner of Humphrey Street & Route 114 in Marblehead
Plum Island Surfcasters
Surf, boat & fly fishing, beach access, conservation & fishery management, Monthly meetings third Tuesday of the month at 7:30PM, Taxpayer's Hall, Plum Island, Mailing Address: PO Box 364, Newburyport, MA 01950
Massachusetts Striped Bass Assn.
Oldest saltwater fishing club in Massachusetts
The New England Surfcaster - a great fishing resource
Mike Murray's Fishing Page - south shore
Fishing Guide - contact Capt. Randy Sigler, 781-639-7763
National Fish Update - call 1-800-ASK-FISH

Salem Massachusetts Links

Area Web Sites
Welcome to Salem - a comprehensive site covering Salem Massachusetts
Welcome to Pickering Wharf - Web site covering the Pickering Wharf area in Salem

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